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Get on Your Schoolgirl Outfit, Pretty Sissies!

Welcome back sweet sissies to the my pretty sissy blog! I am phone sex Mistress Courtney, although to my pretty sissies, it’s Mommy Mistress Courtney to you!  If you are just joining the my pretty sissy blog, welcome! In the past few blog posts I have been crafting a sissy fairy tale for all of my pretty sissies.

So, how about a little homework for my pretty sissies?  Go ahead, but on your cutest school girl outfit, sharpen your number two pencils and really get your juices going, no naughty sissy!  Not those juices, your creative juices.  I would love to have you do some creative writing about anything you’d like pertaining to pretty sissy – ness!  It can be a short story, poetry, your thoughts, whatever you’d like.  When you are finished, if you’d like to share it with your fellow pretty sissies, please do!  You can email it to me, phone sex Mistress Courtney, at  If you are chosen, I will post your creative writing project to the my pretty sissy site!  You can have your fifteen minutes of fame right here in your own special spot.  Perhaps you might wish to write a letter to that special Mommy Mistress you wish you had.  You can pour your heart out to her and extol the virtues of having a pretty sissy to primp and preen.  Let her know just how wonderful of a pretty little sissy you can be for her.  Really let your pretty sissy self pour out in your letter.  Truly paint her a picture of how beautiful it would be to have you a sissy “daughter.”  You can be as descriptive as you want to be.  Just let you imagination flow.  You will be surprised where it takes you.  But please do share your creative writing project with the rest of us if you are so moved.  Get writing, girls!

Do you have an idea for this pretty sissy’s adventure that you would like for me to explore here on the my pretty sissy blog?  Awesome!  Leave me a comment or send an email to    I am phone sex Mommy Mistress Courtney and I just love my pretty sissies.  If you are a pretty sissy and want to talk to a Mommy Mistress, give me a call.

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